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May 3, 2011
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Big Bead Dragon Tutorial by Rrkra Big Bead Dragon Tutorial by Rrkra

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Took a whole month... No way am I going to do something like this ever again... Probably :XD:

Will add the finished dragon photo later.
Anyway. Have fun.

Большой бисерный дракон.
Доделала. На мастер-класс, конечно, вряд-ли тянет... Так, описание работы с комментариями.
Почти месяц времени... Чтоб я ещё хоть раз? Бррррр.
На двух языках - английский и русский.

Есть комментарии, дополнения, критика? Делитесь. Не обещаю исправить, но запомню и, наверное, учту.
Ниже в описании - ссылки на полезные сайты - разные техники, хитрости...

A tutorial for a big beaded dragon.

Comments welcome. I need to know how many mistakes I did, after all.

Suggested materials: Size 11 TOHO seed beads, 0.10mm braided fishing line (normal fishing line, thread - should do too), something to use as filling (big beads/plasitc maybe).
If you want to make large wings - thick wire (something like 1mm diameter copper wire). And thin beading needles. I use a size 12 needle.

Chezsh beads will do fine too. Chinese ones - not sure. If they have big holes and colour won't come off. But japanese (TOHO, Miyuki round beads) are best. Use strong thread - make sure you can't tear it with bare hands. For such a big project - better to use most durable quality materials you can find.

*Some links that might be useful:

Beaded bead with brick stitch (In russian, but pictures are pretty understandable. Useful when making the head.)
Peyote stitch basics - in russian (8th picture there = useful for odd-count peyote or when making turns on the neck.)
Peyote stitch increases, decreases - on the sides, in the middle. In russian.
Tubular peyote stitch. In russian.
Brick stitch basics. In russian.
Brick stitch increases, decreases - on the sides, in the middle. In russian.

More info on stitches.
And even more info on stitches.

Different legs.

PDF is in the download >

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gorgeous.  wish I was that patient.
sounds wonderful.  Can't wait to try this.
marimerabi Nov 18, 2013   General Artist
Very Beautiful!!
Cпасибо за труд)))
Рада что понравилось))
Redmysticangel Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing the instructions :) 
You're welcome=D
amberjackson1990 Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That is amazing!! I'm hoping some day soon to try making it. Although, I am still yet to makr a beaded animal with this stitch.. fongers crossed I get it worked out. Thanks for posting! :)
Ooh, good luck when you do=D
Maybe practice a bit with the stitches first^^
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