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May 11, 2010
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beaded bead by Rrkra beaded bead by Rrkra
*Removed the brown background because it looked weird.
Fishing line used here, cause thread has to be pulled tight for the bead to keep shape.
Maybe someone will want to make one... It's kinda basic but looks pretty.
Made those yesterday evening while playing with ndebele stitch.

No idea what i was thinking. Meh. I guess i just wanted to draw circles in paint. Well, GIMP in this case, but sheesh, paint would have done the same thing. But aaanyway, a tutorial. lol.… <- 3 beads closer.

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the-Loony Feb 13, 2013  Student General Artist
wowww, beautiful and such a good idea! this would also make a beautiful pendant.
Yeah, why not =D
the-Loony Feb 13, 2013  Student General Artist
oh, and say, where are you purchasing this special fisher yarn you mention in another tutorial of yours?
ive never seen it anywhere before, but it sounds dead useful, being quite strong but still very thin, i suppose?
I buy mine in fishing stores. Sometimes it's sold in pet stores too. =)
It's usually called braided fishing line, there are many brands...
The one I use at the moment is this -[link]
the-Loony Feb 17, 2013  Student General Artist
nice, so they import german fishing lines with fake-chinese brand names to estonia? :D :D
the world is a fun place.

well, this is really good to know, because ive always been a bit unhappy with those copper wires i used to create all those beaded animals with as a child. they tend to break easily. and the regular nylon thread isnt so great to work with either.

i tried the threading just some days ago, curtesy to you, and i greatly enjoyed it -hope ill be able to get one of those lines sooon!

many thanks for the inspiration and the info
Because why not :XD:

Nylon threads aren't too bad, but they tangle a lot. You have to wax them - or fight with knots for half the time of the project. They can be good for training/experimenting though, because of a lower price.

I mostly see beaders use FireLine. But when I tried it, there wasn't much difference from the other ones I used - so anything that is a dyneema braided line is pretty much the same, check fishing stores=)

Good luck^^
the-Loony Feb 19, 2013  Student General Artist
ah well, im not planning on trying such extremely complex figures at first, but ive played around a bit already and ive decided id like to continue.
so why not get the good stuff right now.
and when it comes to brands... i think youre right. were not gonna put a 5 kg fish on it and let it try to escape, so it should hold up :D
besides: what i see is what i get.

thanks again for the tips and im looking forward to seeing your latest crafts! :wave:
It's always nice to work with good materials =D
Have fun ^^
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Thank you for the tutorial; I can't wait to try it!
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